Chapter One - A Meeting of the Minds

Whilst Dr Steve and Frank are building the courage to confront Chad, the ninja has traced them to their abode in an effort to gain their assistance. The brave man may use stealth to defeat his foes, but the wise man makes use of others to avoid unnecessary dismemberment.
After a brief discussion at the door, the dark assassin is led into the scientist's home and Frank puts the kettle on. Biscuits are handed out and the talks begin.
"I believe we both have a problem, the solving of which may be more than each of us alone can, umm, solve" said the ninja.
"Hmm, that may be true, but Frank and I are already a team."
"That as may be, but look at the man - he is not exactly the sharpest shuriken in the corpse."
"True, true. However, what he lacks in brains he makes up for in brawn, or at least a keen sense of smell. But I see where you are heading. You think that we three combined may defeat this evil-doer, where alone we may ourselves be vanquished?"
"I feel this American will be a wily foe," continued the ninja. "Your knowledge of science and my skill with weapons should surely see us to victory."
"Do you realise that Chad is also a reknowned scientist?" asked the doctor. "His skill with the tesla coil is legendary."
"Well then, it seems we were destined to meet. With your knowledge we shall know the types of things he is capable of."

"Well, for starters I was thinking of going back there and giving him a piece of my mind. The filthy foreigner should be sent packing as soon as possible."

"NO!" shouted the ninja, as his finely-tuned reflexes cast a biscuit over the doctor's shoulder with deadly force.
"I'm sorry, but I can't allow our enemy to be forewarned. Surprise is a powerful ally, and one we would do well to cultivate. Sorry about the biscuit, too. I spent 4 years in a Chinese bakery run by Bruce Lee's aunt. Sara herself taught me the ancient art of combat using pastries and foodstuffs of all kinds."

The scientist remarked that an apology was not necessary.
After getting Frank out of his predicament with the deft use of a spatula and some butter, the planning of the downfall of Chad was begun in earnest.