Chapter Two - A Plan is Conceived

The hours swiftly moved into evening, and still the planning went on. Eventually, however, a break was called and sustenance was obtained and light entertainment provided.
Tensions reduced, the battle plan was further refined and fleshed out. All participants were eager to banish their foul nemesis but all knew better than to rush in. Professor Spankett was no lightweight lab technician or work-experience test-tube cleaner.
"He is well reknowned as a master in robotics, with an exceptional talent in genetics. I would say he surpases me in the former, although my own genetics skills are second-to-none. At last testing, he was a grade 2 with the magnetic stirrer, and his ISCAMS rating is around 1400," opined the scientist.
"Eye scams?" asked the ninja.
"I.S.C.A.M.S. - the International Society of Crackpots and Mad Scientists. 1400 is not a bad score, especially for someone so young. You'd normally see a score like that in someone a good 20 years older at least."
"So", continued the ninja, "it seems we have a worthy adversary who will take some besting. Still think it would have been wise to confront him alone?"
"I defer to your judgement in this, friend ninja. I think that Sagan himself has blessed us with this meeting. Luck like this hasn't fallen my way since I managed to score that decorative candy bowl cheap at Ed Gein's garage sale."
"I picked up a pretty cool umbrella stand, too. I stopped using it though as I had a devil of a time getting more than one umbrella in it. And they always ended up with mud on the tip for some reason..."

A short time later, the plan was completed.
"I don't think there's much more we can do. We've covered all the eventualities we can think of." The scientist couldn't help but stifle a small yawn - it was getting late.
"I agree. Barring any truly ridiculous outcomes, we should be able to handle our foe quite successfully."
"Urrrrgh." Frank didn't want to feel left out.
"Frank's right," said Dr Steve, "I think we should call it a night. The time and place has been settled, and the necessary equipment is on hand. The next time we meet, the game will be afoot!"
"Agreed. Is there any chance you have a high window somewhere? Perhaps something with a dangerous drop below it, or a steep gabled roof with slippery tiles? It's just that it doesn't feel right to just walk out the front door."
"You could try the toilet window? It's a fair way off the ground, and a tight squeeze too."

Dr Steve pointed the ninja in the right direction, whereupon it was discovered that Frank had beaten them to it.
"I'd give that a few minutes if I were you." said the scientist. "His digestive system is like someone filled a rubber bag with bleach and poo and kicked it around for an hour in a sauna. His 'little accidents' are like Three Mile Island."
The pair of them closed the door and backed slowly away.
"Tell you what, there's a window that's a little bigger in the next room. How about you use that? Not as tricky to get out of, but the drop is equally dangerous. If you had to use the one in there with Frank, your hair might fall out."

And so the ninja made his farewells, calling a goodbye loudly through the door to Frank before lauching himself backwards through the window. By the time the scientist made it to the window to look for him, he had disappeared into the night.

"Urrrrgh. URRRRGH!"
"Well you should have looked for paper before you started, you great buffoon. Let me get my Chemturion and I'll bring you a roll from the downstairs loo."