Chapter Three - The Fight Begins

The first part of the plan, infiltration of the evil Chad's lair, would take crackerjack timing. Total concentration. Nothing short of 100% commitment would be enough. Thankfully, our three earstwhile colleagues had brought with them a steaming cauldron of talent, within which has been added lashings of nerve, great chunks of talent, and a healthy sprinkling of derring-do.
"Well of course it's dark, Frank. And if you even so much as think about a flatulent eructation in this confined space, I'll stick this screwdriver right in your eye. Why I let you eat all those beans and onions is anyone's guess."
The scientist was taking no chances. He had both flat-blade and star-drivers on his person. It was very likely you'd find a set of hex keys somewhere, too.
A murmured warning from the ninja prepared them for the sudden movement, as the trolley was led down the driveway to the front of Chad's lair.
"Doctor Spankett, I presume?" asked the ninja. At a nod from Chad, he continued.
"According to our records your Wombot 2100 has had a recent malfunction. We have a replacement here, if you would care to sign for it. All part of our customer service."
"Impressive", replied Chad. "It only exploded yesterday, and I didn't even call you guys yet."
"We pride ourselves on our inordinantly fast service centre," ad-libbed the ninja. "If you would just sign here, I can wheel this new model somewhere inside for you."
The ninja proferred his clipboard, and Chad signed where indicated.
"Straight on through into the first room on your right will be fine," said Chad.

Upon delivery, the ninja made a hasty retreat from the premises, leaving the box where indicated. Quickly ducking behind a bush, he made a phonecall.

"Hello, Doctor Spankett?"
"I'm from Doom Mountain Research. We have located a problem with a batch of our torroidal phase inverters and are making sure none of our valuable customers have been affected. If you could check the serial number on your gamma ray inducer, I can see if you would have received the troublesome part."
"Sure thing. Exactly what problems may arise if I have the wrong inverter?"
"The chances are pretty minimal, but one or two owners have reported an uncontrolled resonance cascade. As you can imagine, this doesn't happen too often. The people in question were really surprised they even saw one, let alone created it themselves."
"Fair enough. Let me check for you."

At this point Chad was forced to go down to the basement, exactly as planned. Doctor Steve and Frank used this opportunity to cut the tape and emerge from the box.
"Quick Frank, unlock the door and let the ninja in - we don't have much time!"
Frank lumbered over to the door and unlocked it, allowing the ninja to gain entry. Even though there is no such thing as an impenetrable fortress to a well-trained ninja, it was deemed too risky with a man of Chad's skill. A death ray laser would be a bare minimum for internal security. The brave man defeats security with brain and muscle. The wise man walks in through the front door.
"Okay everyone, help me get all our gear out of this box."

The three quickly removed all manner of tools and equipment from the box, which was surprisingly voluminous given it's external appearance.
"Okay. Now we all know the plan. Get into position everyone!"

Using his amazing skills, the ninja almost melted into the scenery. One second he was in the middle of the room leaning against the tesla cannon, and the next he had totally disappeared.
The scientist eased himself carefully behind the sofa, allowing himself plenty of room to move out from either end.
Frank grabbed the shade off a nearby lamp and pulled it onto his head.
"That won't fool anyone", hissed the scientist.
Frank quickly unscrewed the lightbulb and stuck it in his mouth.
The scientist sighed with relief. Frank could be quite quick-witted when the need arose.

At this point Chad returned with a piece of paper in his hand and reached for the telephone.
"I've got the number here", he said into it. "Are you ready?"

"You'll find there's no answer", said the scientist as he rose from behind the sofa. "Just as you'll find there's no answer to the amazing plan we have to thwart your evil machinations."