Chapter Six - Epilogue

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The trio went back to their usual livelihoods.
The mad scientist had Frank patched up and they were soon once more frightening the local children and sourcing material from the cemetary.
The ninja was back on patrol, but also dropped in on the other pair from time to time. The bonds forged in combat are not soon broken.
The explosion was put down to an experimental disaster, and Doctor Steve managed to score a bunch of the surviving equipment at seriously good prices. The house and grounds were left in ruin, as they were found to be a touch on the radioactive side.
The government ensured public safety by eventually putting up a warning sign. Kids ocassionally dared each other to run through the yard, but after a few found their hair falling out by the handful, even they heeded the warnings. The delighful blue glow of Cherenkov radiation became a tourist attraction of sorts, and many a Friday evening found young families parked in the street watching sparrows ignite as they flew overhead to roost.
But eventually even the animals knew to avoid the place and interest waned.

If people had stayed, however, someone may have noticed a brief red glow amongst the blue. They may have heard masonry shifting, or the sound of scraping metal. And if the wind was blowing the right way, and little Derek wasn't making farty noises with his armpit, maybe someone would have heard the rasping, tortured voice.

"must. destroy. humans."