The 4-Player MAME Cabinet Project
last update on October 15, 2004

This area outlines my on-going project to rebuild an old 4-player arcade machine into a MAME cabinet. MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is a program that emulates original arcade video games. By building a computer into an arcade cabinet I get the versatility of a PC and the look and feel of an authentic arcade machine. I also want to use this machine to act as a jukebox
It's interesting to see how my plans change over time as the project progresses over the years (yes years. I really am THAT lazy.)
00 - Amateur technical stuff on building it

01 - Purchase of cabinet and parts ordered

02 - Disassembly, fixing of some small bits, examination of internals

03 - Computer parts acquired. Some assembly completed. Control panel design starts

04 - Audio done. Computer fired up on arcade monitor. Control panel mocked up in cardboard

05 - Cabinet pretty much done. Control panel being worked on. Newbie technical stuff added

06 - Built full cardboard prototype and preliminary quotes on steel fabrication

07 - Steel panel has been delivered

08 - Started cutting up timber for control box

09 - Control panel box is coming together

10 - Control panel box is painted and cables made

11 - Cables completed and volume control started